Going Viral


Ghost in the machineOmnivoreArts (formally Saco River Graphics which is being retired after 20 years) is a full featured web and graphic design business with many other services such as web hosting solutions, SEO marketing and research (for existing websites) and Internet Marketing. Our owner is also an accomplished artist and photographer, his gallery will be a part of OmnivoreArts very soon. We retired SRG because the concept was too local in design and scope. We wanted an ever-growing online presence that offered a more modern and international reach.

Ghost in the machineLots of exciting services, online shopping sites (e-books, pet store, software, digital downloads, just to name a few), membership sites such as a full-featured online courses website and a stock image, graphics, video and audio membership site, an art blog and a science blog, all coming very soon. Heck, we even have a travel site: https://www.MyOMNItravel.com which just came online. I will be adding a blog to that as well.

Stay tuned and check back often, if you would like to be a part of our growth please opt-in for our mailing list for service updates and site launches.

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  • Expert Web Design
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Top Notch Logo Design
  • Dependable Website Hosting
  • Video Servicing (editing, marketing)
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Huge Selection of WordPress Plug-ins
  • Post Production Photo Editing (PhotoShop)
  • Budget-friendly Site Packages
  • Next Level Photography
  • High Quality Page Content
  • Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Beautiful WordPress Sites
  • Stunning, Interactive Image Galleries
  • Photography Services
  • Copy-writing Services
  • Digital Advertising
  • Special Pricing for Non-Profits


A List of Websites We Have Created or Worked On (Under Saco River Graphics, Helpful Website or Royal River Graphics) New Websites We Are Currently Developing & Other Important Links

Going Viral